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How Are You

How are you?

‘Every time you tell someone you are ‘fine’ – when you’re not – you buy into the belief that it’s not acceptable to be depressed. In other words, the act of concealing your true mood, sends a subconscious message that it needs concealing, that it’s something to be ashamed of.’


Games you should play with your pussy

Why Facebook makes me sad

‘Five minutes of looking at my Facebook feed, and you’d be hard pressed not to conclude everyone else has millions of friends, are in happy relationships, and are doing the jobs of their dreams. And when they’re not working, they’re ‘checking in’ at trendy restaurants, drinking exotic cocktails, and uploading bizarre pictures of their legs.’


ADHD Multitasking

Adult ADHD: What it feels like to have ‘Naughty Adult Syndrome’

It still surprises me how often, and how eagerly, people like to volunteer their ‘solutions’ to my problems. Especially those with no experience of ADHD, depression, or indeed any mental health problem of any kind. In this vein, I’ve been thinking that I might start offering free piloting lessons. I’ve never actually flown a plane, but I’m pretty skilled at running around with my arms outstretched shouting Nyyyrrrrr!’



Depression and Masculinity: Finding the Men in Mental Health

Men remain under huge social pressure to hide any sign of vulnerability, especially emotional. It’s a toxic remnant of the culture of stiff upper lip. Epitomised 100 years ago when Europe marched half its men to their death in the name of those masculine traits of honour and bravery.

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