27) I wish my friends knew… (20-April-2015)

“It’s a poignant account of the secret fears, thoughts and feelings of people with mental health problems, and I’ve collected just a few of them here”

26) A day in the life of #BlackDogRunner (10th February 2015) (03-March-2015)

“I decide to start with lunch. Al desko, of course. Food always cheers me up. I wonder about eating one of the office biscuits. I then eat six.”

25) These masks lack insight & dignity; should’t these be the values we want to teach? (14-February-2015)

“Such depictions are damaging because of the insidious implication that people with mental health problems are somehow recognisably different to those without them”

24) Thinking of running a half-marathon for a mental health charity? ‘Just do it!’ (09-February-2015)

“When I started, I was just a sweating, wheezing blob. I was so anxious about being seen in public that I used to take a route by the sewerage works, where few others dare to venture.”

23) Dear Santa, please put mental health on the national curriculum (26-December-2014)

‘Looking back, I sometimes feel quite angry. Why didn’t someone realise? Why didn’t *I* realise?’

22) A day in the life of #BlackDogRunner (7th November 2014) (01-December-2014)

‘I’m feeling pretty stressed. An hour’s past and all I’ve done is visit the toilet. Depression does that; steals time’

21) ‘A Day in the Life’ is a chance for everyone with mental health problems to share their story (01-Nov-2014)

This is a chance for everyone with mental health problems to share their story, not just strange men who run around dressed as dogs

20) Mental health stigma is no joke and these Halloween costumes aren’t just offensive, they’re harmful (20-Oct-2014)

Mental illness is scary. Not because the people who experience it are scary, but because it’s scary to feel so alone and ashamed

19) Eight ways my Great North Run symbolised depression (25-Sep-2014)

‘If it had been depression, someone would have looked at my face, seen the anguish, and remarked, “Cheer up”‘

18) There’s no joy in stigma (21-Sep-2014)

‘It would have been nice if they’d agreed that ‘embrac(ing) love, life, laughter and Joy’… doesn’t have to involve laughing at others’

17) It’s time to bring the black dog out of the shadows (06-Sep-2014)

‘I get lavished with praise and words like ‘inspirational’, and they get nothing but silence’

16) All for one, and one for all! (24-Aug-2014)

‘For each day next week, I’ve invited an anonymous friend with #MentalHealth problems to ‘guest tweet’ from my account’

(i) Interview with Little Blue Fish (today’s guest tweeter)! (25-Aug-2014)

‘Maybe you are tired and just need a holiday?’

(ii) Interview with Kitty (today’s guest tweeter)!  (26-Aug-2014)

‘You will feel better in March; everyone feels better in March’

(iii)  Interview with Max (today’s guest tweeter)! (27-Aug-2014)

‘That’s strange. You haven’t mentioned marriage or children’

(iv) Interview with Bumble Bee (today’s guest tweeter)!  (28-Aug-2014)

‘It’s all in the mind’

(v) Interview with Bunny (today’s guest tweeter)! (29-Aug-2014)

‘Eating kale might help’

15) Break the silence, break the stigma: Give a #PoundForTheHound in your life (22-Aug-2014)

‘The most dangerous stigma, and certainly the most common, is the least obvious. The stigma of silence’

14) Mixed feelings (13-Aug-2014)

‘I’m sad. For when the news changes, our lives will not.’

13) Costume considerations (07-Aug-2014)

‘At school, I could have a fair stab at just about anything. Except Textiles. Where I’d usually end up stabbing myself’

12) REBLOG: How I found support through my depression  (06-Aug-2014) 

I’m rarely lost for words. But today, I am genuinely struggling

11) Why I’m running a half-marathon dressed as a black dog (24-July-2014)

The ups and downs in training for a long race are a surprisingly good metaphor for the recovery process

10) It’s not selfish to be self-centred (06-Jul-2014)

Every good pet-project should be allowed the occasional trip to the vet

9) Depression and Masculinity: Finding the Men in Mental Health (26-Jun-2014)

Men remain under huge social pressure to hide any sign of vulnerability, especially emotional

8) Mental Health Awareness Week: Why is awareness so important? (14-May-2014)

‘Ignorance is bliss. Unfortunately, it’s also a luxury. And not one available to anyone with a chronic illness’

7) Adult ADHD: What it feels like to have ‘Naughty Adult Syndrome’ (17-Apr-2014)

‘As if it wasn’t hard enough holding down a job with depression, anxiety, and fatigue, I now find my brain wandering off every time I… Erm…? Oh, yes, ducks!’

6) Why Facebook makes me sad (19-Mar-2014)

‘You can’t judge a Facebook friend by their cover photo’

5) Freshly (De)pressed (14-Mar-2014)

‘I’d previously never heard of anything being ‘freshly pressed’ outside of an organic juice shop’

4) How are you? (26-Feb-2014) *FRESHLY PRESSED* 

‘I responded like any cool and emotionally well-adjusted person, and burst into tears’

3) Warning Signs (19-Feb-2014)

‘I don’t find that being told to relax actually helps me to, well, relax’

2) From Crisis to Clarity (06-Feb-2014)

‘It seems weird looking back. Not in an ethereal / spiritual sort of way, but in a, “what a nutcase!” one’

1) I have a black dog… His name is Fido (25-Jan-2014)

‘At least whisky and cigars aren’t so socially taboo as, say, prozac’

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