Who is #BlackDogRunner?

I am one of the 1 in 4. The quarter of the population who have, or will, experience mental health problems in their lifetime. For me, this comes in the form of depression, or my black dog (Fido).

Why #BlackDogRunner?

I call myself #BlackDogRunner because on 7th September 2014, I ran the Great North Run half marathon dressed as a black dog to raise awareness of depression. I also use running, alongside medication, and therapy, to help control my black dog.

What is the aim of #BlackDogRunner?

I appear as my black dog to make it harder for him, and all black dogs everywhere, to hide behind the veil of stigma. #BlackDogRunner was created both as a symbol (of the millions of invisible black dogs that haunt their owners but remain unmentioned) and a vigilante (to fight mental health stigma by raising awareness and reducing ignorance).

Tell me about the #BlackDogRunner blog?

I will use the blog to share my thoughts and experiences of living with depression and of mental health issues generally. I am keen to reach out, so hope to do this in a light-hearted and accessible way – but this may not always be possible, so be prepared for some brutal honestly, or the odd rant. It might get personal, it might get political. But the more I say, and the more I do, the more I hope to fight stigma and ignorance.

How can I help #BlackDogRunner?

Read the blog, comment on the blog,  share the blog. Follow me on Twitter. Follow me on Facebook. Use the #BlackDogRunner hashtag. The more people know about #BlackDogRunner, the stronger the symbol becomes.

Is #BlackDogRunner on Facebook / Twitter?

I have an account on Twitter and a page on Facebook. There is also a #BlackDogRunner hashtag.

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