The End of #BlackDogRunner

Dear all,

I am deeply saddened to announce that, with immediate effect, I will be stopping all blogging, tweeting, and future activities under the name #BlackDogRunner

This decision has been an extremely difficult one for me. However, external circumstances make it impossible for me to continue given my current state of health.

I have become enormously fond of the many and varied friends I have made, and I have taken great meaning from my efforts to reduce stigma and raise awareness of the struggles of life with mental health problems.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all my readers for their kind and supportive comments over the past year, and wish you all the very best luck for the future,

Goodbye, take care, and stay safe,



9 thoughts on “The End of #BlackDogRunner”

  1. Im saddened to hear this, there are so many sick people who just dont think before they speak and can cause so much hurt in others lives. Please take care and look after yourself, you have so much good for others out there. xxxx

  2. Man, this is sad news. I have never followed you on twitter (I have no twitter account) but I do receive your emails and I love them and look forward to them. I am so sorry to hear about what has happened to you that has caused you stop BlackDogRunner ­ I agree with you, accusations and things like this should never happen and my thoughts go out to you. I hope you can move on from this, remembering that it really is only a minority that make the accusations ­ from what I have read, you have many followers that have come to see you as a beacon of light and hope and possibilities, and I truly hope you can put these accusations behind you.

    In the depths of my depression, I too was accused of similar things ­ it is pain, frustration, anger, misjudgement, rejection, voiceless isolation beyond belief, reinforcing every depressive thought you ever had that you have been fighting against. For me, it too came from friends, which was very hard to take, friends who should have known better and offered more friendship and understanding, rather than accusation. Pain, hurt, anguish ­ somehow the words don¹t do justice to what you are experiencing, but your decision to not reply and argue (especially in public) says so much about your character and resolve, be so very proud of your decision mate, it will stand you in good stead. I remember someone saying that the faults and accusations thrown at you are often those that are most clearly manifest in those that are doing the throwing ­ I cannot comment on the efficacy of that here, but I have seen it to be so true in so many situations.

    Please don¹t let it ruin any friendships you have built up, these are what keep us hopeful and purposeful mate, and they are WAY WAY WAY too precious to let the opinionated thoughts of a small minority interfere with. Hang onto them like you stole them!!!!!! You deserve them ­ you earned them ­ you worked for them ­ you invested in them ­ you opened yourself up ­ you became vulnerable ­ you earned them, they are yours!!!!! I have discovered in recent years that these are the friendships and relationships that persist, these are the people that just accept you, that are there for you. These are the kind of friendships where you can be vulnerable and real and have a bad day and have a fab day and be agitated and be joyful and the relationship is the same in any and all circumstances. Man, I am so thankful for these relationship, quality over quantity every time!

    I liked your columns, you have a real gift for communication and it seems to me that it does you good too. I do hope you will return to some form of it in the future. Though I don¹t really know you, if there is anything I can do to help, do let me know


    From: #BlackDogRunner Reply-To: #BlackDogRunner Date: Friday, 24 April 2015 10:00 To: Mark Bradshaw Subject: [New post] The End of #BlackDogRunner #BlackDogRunner posted: “Dear all, I am deeply saddened to announce that, with immediate effect, I will be stopping all blogging, tweeting, and future activities under the name #BlackDogRunner This decision is an extremely painful and difficult one for me. I have become eno”

  3. I’m so sorry, I wish you the best, you were/are such an inspiration. You my friend do not deserve this nonsense. Sending you BIG HUGS.

  4. I’m so sorry to hear you’re withdrawing from social media. I’ve found your tweets and blogs helpful and inspiring to keep going when I’m in a black period. Please don’t let a minority destroy something that the majority enjoy. Take care xx

  5. I am sorry that you are going through this current tribulation. I hope that you will compare it with what you have overcome before, and see it as the minor irritation that it is.

    I have often received great comfort from reading your posts. Seeing how much your story mirrors my own has helped me to understand that I am not a freak, and that there is hope.

    I pray (which is weird for an atheist) that you continue to overcome your own demons, just as you have helped me overcome mine.

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